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Why Austin Rising High?

Austin Rising High is a 3 day a week (Tuesday-Thursday) high school where students feel heard, respected and valued. Why just 3 days a week? Students are able to focus on other interests on their school free days. We use a project-based approach to learning that allows students to explore real-world problems and challenges in a more interactive and practical manner; all while providing the necessary resources and support for their social and emotional growth. We understand that academic achievement and emotional well-being are closely linked, so we strive to equip our students with the skills, empathy, and self-awareness they need to succeed in all areas of their lives. We value each student as an individual learner, recognizing that everyone learns differently, and we celebrate these differences.

Students learn to be innovators, curious about the world around them and excellent self advocates. We encourage students to engage in critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative teamwork. We focus on creating integrative learning opportunities to help students apply what they have learned to real life experiences by increasing their skill base and helping them build through their challenges.  This method of learning helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they are studying, apply what they have learned in authentic contexts, and acquire skills that are essential for their future careers and lives.

  Leadership and Stewardship

Social-emotional education in teenagers, enriched with leadership skill development, is a vital component of their growth, aiming to equip them with the abilities necessary to understand and manage their emotions, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and effectively lead others. This educational approach fosters self-awareness, empathy, resilience, and leadership qualities, helping teens navigate the complexities of social interactions and personal challenges. By integrating social-emotional learning and leadership training into the curriculum, schools support adolescents in achieving academic success, psychological and social well-being, and preparing them for a balanced and fulfilling adult life as proactive community members.


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Academic Rigor

Our students are challenged and prepared for the world beyond high school; whether that be college, entrepreneurial endeavors or other paths, we prepare them to be successful world citizens.


Love of Learning

As Mercier said "what we learn with pleasure, we never forget". This is our goal; to foster a love of learning in each student to motivate them to achieve their very best.


Intentional Small Classes

Small class sizes allows for personalized attention.


Project Based Learning

Students take ownership of their learning process, which fosters a sense of responsibility and independence, preparing them for the complexities of the modern world.


Join the ARH community

If you want to be a part of a fun, and purposeful community of learners.

If you want a community of supportive and accepting people who will treat you with kindness and respect.

If you looking for an engaging way to learn through project based learning.

If you are looking to challenge yourself.

If you want to learn leadership and executive functioning skills.

If you want to be well prepared for higher education.


Amy L

Austin Rising has been a blessing and pivotal point in our child’s education. The way that the lessons are structured has helped them learn more in depth and really understand the material and get excited about it. The community and “family feel” is fantastic at ARS, so my children have always felt comfortable attending and open to learning and growing. We value the smaller class size (it translates into more concentrated attention and knowledge) and love the teachers passion and spunk for teaching them. We owe gratitude to them for such a wonderful, safe learning environment.

Sachi N

Austin Rising High has been such a gift to our family. It's not just a school, but also a supportive and nurturing community. My daughter Akyra learned many exciting things over the past school year. The hands-on, project and activity based format fully engaged her.

Lauren E

My daughter has been attending Austin Rising for the past 8 years and it truly is an amazing school. The teachers are top notch and the way they teach is so creative and engaging. The project based learning, ending each unit with a project presentation of their acquired knowledge of the topic, is a  fantastic way to engage students fully in the learning experience. We love ARS!

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