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Austin Rising School High School

Inside Austin Rising High School

At Austin Rising School we promote collaboration and communication. We emphasize quality over quantity and stress self-advocacy and awareness.

High School Academics

High school students take courses in English Literature, History (world and U.S), Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, as well as engaging electives and some unique Austin Rising courses that promote leadership. Curriculum is accredited by various accreditation bodies, including ACE and NEASC.

Project Based Learning

Through project based learning, students develop real-world problem solving skills. It encourages students to actively engage in their learning by solving problems via self-directed inquiry. It encourages collaboration, communication and critical thinking, helping students build adaptability, creativity, and resilience. It also promotes experiential learning, allowing students to learn by doing and applying their knowledge to their day to day lives.

College Facilitator/Guide

Austin Rising School is an educational facilitator with Arizona State University for students who wish to take college level courses as part of their high school degree path.  Austin Rising will help guide the student to have successful course completion.

Austin Rising School Highschool
Austin Rising School High School
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