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ARS Celebrates Fellow Polish Texans

We had an amazing time at the Bob Bullock Museum for Homeschool Day! Our school, Austin Rising School, was thrilled to join almost 500 homeschooling students to celebrate the diversity of our state's cultures. This month's theme was 'Texas cultures,' and we were excited to represent Polish Texans!

The event was filled with inspiring activities, but our favorite was creating the beautiful paper-cutting art craft of Wycinanki. The students were delighted to be a part of this hands-on activity, and it was great to see their creativity and artistic flair. Below, you can see the fun we had.

In and around Panna Maria, Texas, is a close-knit and faithful Polish community situated south of San Antonio. Fellow Polish Texans come together every year to celebrate their culture at festivals and share their heritage at the Polish Heritage Center. We hope that sharing our experiences and stories will encourage more people to explore and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures that make up our great state of Texas.

Thrilled for Homeschool Day - Learning Art and Culture
Homeschool Day Art and Culture

Tree of Life Wycinanki
Example of Wycinanki

ARS & homeschoolers are full of enthusiasm and passion!
Homeschool Day Art and Culture

Everyone loved sharing their creations.
Homeschool Day Art and Culture

ARS brings the color!
Homeschool Day Art and Culture

Homeschool Day Art and Culture
Homeschool Day Art and Culture

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