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Shadow Puppet Show - Kitsune Story Preview

Updated: Feb 2

Can a puppet show still be cool enough for a bit older audience? Yes, it can! Shadow puppet shows at least. Take a look at [a preview of] what Austin Rising School elementary students put together with a projector, framed screen, and some tediously cut out characters.

This is only a preview. Give us a comment if you want to see the entire 8 min story about the Kitsune!


  • Projector - Old School Style

    • By using colored celephane or translucent sheets, the projector casts the light for the shadows across the screen.

  • Framed Screen - This can be bought or made easily. To have a large enough 'show' area, the frame would need to be around 4' X 2.5'. Have a frame with legs to stand straight vertically. For the screen material, a nice thick or thin paper would work great. A white cloth would stand up to more wear and tear

  • Cut-outs - Now we bring out the scissors. The ARS elementary group each cut out their own character, and used some of the colored celephane to accentuate their creatures or creations.

  • Scissors

  • Colored Celephane

  • Thin but sturdy card stock or poster board (for cut-outs).

  • Sticks - These would be taped/glued onto the cut-outs for the puppeting of the characters.

I think that covers it. I am sure there are many more articles and videos out there for better instructions. But this will get you started.

Hope you have enjoyed!

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