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ARS Getting Out in the Community

Your kids will love the place.  Dinosaurs included.
Texas Science & Natural History Museum

As fellow homeschooling families, we want to share about our adventures while getting out in the community.

Must dos:

  • Bob Bullock Homeschool Days

    • Save the link and make a reminder for your calendar now. The FREE days provide amazing opportunities to access free resources, gain knowledge, and find inspiration. Not the mention the already cool museum

Austin Rising School teaches Pop Art
Bullock Museum - Andy Warhol Pop Art

  • LBJ Wildflower Center - Nature Nights

    • If you have not yet visited the LBJ Wildflower Center, I highly recommend that you plan a visit soon. The beauty of nature and vast open spaces are abundant. Discover the wonders of the great outdoors and ignite your child's curiosity with FREE Nature Night offerings, where an abundance of community sponsors are eager to inspire and educate your little ones.

Austin Rising School and Art
Nature Nights

Nature Nights with Austin Rising School
Nature Nights

  • Texas Science & Natural History Museum

    • The museum, newly reopened after an extensive renovation, contributes to the conservation of Texas's natural and cultural treasures. My favorite part was the video time-lapse from the 'beginning of time' to now, as the globe would have looked spanning the ages. Did you know Texas used to be in the southern hemisphere!?

Please like our post and we will see you again soon!

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