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Austin Hindu Temple Student Tour and What to Expect

The Austin Hindu Temple is a welcoming place that is open to visitors and eager to share Hindu culture and traditions with the community.

Inside Main Temple
Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center

Their website is a great source of information. Hinduism is all about freedom of worship, which means that it is not restrictive like some other religions. In fact, rather than being a religion, it is more of a way of life, known as Dharma.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

This is not the field trip for fancy shoes, as any footwear will be shelved in the shoe hotel while your bare trotters continue on the journey without them. It's yet another way that Hinduism can be very grounding.

Austin Hindu Temple Student Tour Provided an Exceptional Experience

Austin Rising School recently took their students on a tour of the temple, and their presence was warmly welcomed. If you are interested in learning more about the beautiful deities and fascinating customs of Hinduism, you can schedule a tour in advance. My family found a diety that seemed to resonate with us. After finding out it was a protector from fear, we found comfort in becoming aware of our fears and remembering that there is a spirit helping us (despite us not practicing Hinduism).

Go for the Beauty or Go for Knowledge

Visiting the Austin Hindu Temple is a great way to learn about different world cultures and find harmony in diversity. It's an Austin treasure that can lead any student of life, down a path to peace and wellness.

Let us know your experiences, and leave us a comment if you have an opinion or another field trip you would recommend!

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