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Engaging Austin History at the Neill-Cochran House Museum

Updated: Feb 2

Austin Rising School visited the last remaining historical site in Austin with slave quarters still intact. This engaging landmark is in central Austin, and holds some fascinating history, enthusiastic guides, and wonderful activities for the kids.

I'm no history buff, but I was enthralled while listening to the history of Austin through the maps from it's earliest days. It really wasn't all that long ago that Austin, Texas was completely undeveloped farmland and wilderness. The museum's own executive director, Rowena Houghton Dasch, gave the presentation and I walked away with fun facts and a plethora of new knowledge about our city.

But that was only one aspect of the day. The young and younger relished the freshly made lemonade, churned their own ice cream, and hummed away in their youthful chattering about the architecture, art, historical representations, and way of life for the 'middle class' families who once lived there. They were engaged; mostly. And that's a win, any day, for an educational outing.

Modern day TV room
Neill-Cochran House Museum - Family Room

Austin Rising School visit
Neill Cochran House Museum - Greek Architecture Style

Yes we all want to help make ice cream!
Ice Cream Workout

They brought the fun.
Neill-Cochran House Museum Tour & Activities

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