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Squirrels Lose - Homeschoolers Win How to Stop Squirrels

Did you know that there is an animal with a dry scaly tongue and a bone inside of it? Who would guess that I would learn the most, while putting together a presentation for homeschoolers!? And at the Austin Zoo of all places, super fun! It's a Blue & Gold Macaw, and that's not all! Have you ever had trouble feeding birds in your backyard because your tenacious squirrels eat all the food while destroying the feeders?! How do you stop those squirrels?! I mean that is a battle for the ages. WELL, come to find out, birds only have like 100 taste buds compared to our 10,000 taste buds. So birds could care less if you coat their birdseed in spicy oil. They can't taste it, and it doesn't hurt them! But the squirrels,...not so excited about that new bird feeder! Here is a link to our Austin Zoo Jeopardy Game:

Check out if you have never heard of them. Find a pre-built jeopardy game for a party, or build your own!!

Learning about animals and teaching the teachers on how to stop a squirrel.
Austin Zoo - Homeschooling Day with Austin Rising School


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