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Alternative Education Options in Austin

Are you feeling lost in the sea of educational choices? Are you struggling to find the right starting point? Are you at the point that you know you want something different for your child, but don't know what options there are?

Fear not, you don't have to navigate this daunting process alone. Take the first step towards a brighter future and get the guidance you need today, and this weekend,..

Alt Ed of Austin is bringing the options for alternative education to you 3D on Saturday at the Branch Park Pavillion Mueller in Austin, TX. There will be over 30 "alternative" schools represented and multitudes of activities for your children (young and old; teens included) at their Festival of Learning.

Learn about alternative education options in person at the Festival of Learning
Festival of Learning in Austin, TX Saturday, FEB. 24, 2024

Find out more on Alt Ed Austin Facebook page, or here on their Discussion tab, where you can find a list of activities by the school that is participating.

Alt Ed of Austin provides a multitude of resources and services including a directory of Alternative Education Options in Austin, listed alphabetically.

Take a look and have it bookmarked on your phone to help you navigate the scene on Saturday!

We hope to see you there!

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