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What's Happening In Math Class This Week

Oak class

Tons of fun in class this week as we wrote, drew, and cut-and-pasted story problems for addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers. The basic context for each story is that there is a birthday party. Presents are either in boxes of 10 presents or single presents. Sometimes groups of presents are hidden for subtraction, and sometimes they are in two locations so we need

to add. We will be doing more with these story problems next week. We also played Close to 20. Please play this at home, encouraging adding using chunks and relationships rather than

counting by ones. I say that, but really counting by ones is a good, efficient strategy when adding 1, 2, or 3; if the addend is beyond that, we have better, more sophisticated strategies to use.

Elm Class

We learned two new games this week - Line‘em Up and Division Capture. Line ‘em Up

divides the same number by 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; some have remainders and some do not.

Division Capture was fun to play in class. Your child brought home one game board,

but we had five different boards in class. I will attach a blank template if you want to

create your own board. Each board should focus on only two divisors and have problems

with answers 1-10 for each divisor.

Sequoia Class

The kids are getting really good at dividing a three-digit number by a two-digit number using the base ten blocks and the array structure. We are attempting to raise the bar and transition to

sketching open arrays to solve division problems instead of using the physical manipulatives.

Redwood Class

New unit - dark green. We studied time zones and elevation as an introduction to positive

and negative numbers.

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