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What's happening this week in Main Lesson

In our 6th grade class, the much anticipated WWII unit has finally arrived.  This week we covered the 25 years leading up to the War.   We compared the geography of Europe before and after the war, studied the the causes of the war and looked at the effects of the Versailles Treaty on post-war Germany.  We read a short biography on Adolf Hitler then did some interactive editing to write an original summary.  We analyzed political cartoons from the 1920s, re-enacted the Beer Hall Putsch, and made a timeline of growing anti-semitism in Germany.  We covered the burning of the Reichstag and Kristallnacht, talked about the US Great Depression and the Second Sino Japanese War.

In our other grades...We have started our unit on Art History. We studied Picasso. After discussing Picasso’s blue and rose periods, we picked a color to express ourselves and shaded in the portraits we drew last week. THEN...dunh...dunh...dunh...we cut them up! Yes, we cut our portraits into triangles and diamonds and then rearranged the pieces to look like a Cubist portrait. We went from something like this...

to something like this...

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