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What's Happening This Week In Main Lesson

This week we finished our Lichtenstein projects. If you look closely, you can see the Ben-Day dots that Lichtenstein used to simulate comic strips and newspaper adds. It was challenging to make our words look they way they sound! We had so much fun with our original designs that we made new, smaller ones for our lesson book covers:)

This week we also learned about Andy Warhol and made some Warhol-inspired pieces. We took some modern popular culture items such as a fidget spinner or Pikachu, and drew them onto styrofoam. We then printed our image four times using four different colors since Warhol was known to replicate his work over and over. Just last year, Warhol’s 60 Last Suppers (replica’s of da Vinci’s work) sold for almost $61 million.

On another note, our 6th graders continued their studies into WWII.

This week we finished 1940 and entered 1941.  The war is in full swing.

We listened to and analyzed Churchill’s “We Shall Fight” speech, studied the strategy behind the German invasion of France, learned about the origins of radar and how it helped the RAF in the Battle of Britain.  We also added our Blitz art pieces to our notebooks.

As we entered 1941, we mapped the changing geography of Axis-controlled Europe, read an article about the sinking of the Bismarck and drew comics to summarize the action and learned the history behind Operation Barbarossa, Hitler’s invasion of Russia.  We talked about the Nazi’s plan of the Final Solution to kill all Jews in concentration camps.  The students worked in teams to make presentations on different concentration camps using  We also made a bar graph of all the people murdered by the Nazis and learned how the Nazis kept the city of Leningrad under siege for 900 days.

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