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What is school spirit? Can homeschoolers have school spirit? Is it important? If you could replicate one aspect and activate home-school spirit, what would that be?

I don't recall the school mascot having any particular meaning, except for making me and my friends laugh. The pep rallies at school were sometimes too overwhelming, but I enjoyed having good times with my friends. School pride or rank can bring excitement and enthusiasm for some, but school is ultimately just school, right? When it comes to individual performance, test scores alone don't necessarily reflect school spirit. However, if a study group manages to exceed their expectations and perform well on an exam, now that just might be school spirit.


- Friends gathering

- Groups

- Laughing

- Positive energy

It's almost tangible when you see high schoolers together; the energy they ignite in one another and the infectious spread to those around them.

My homeschooled son hated math and had the doors shut until he got around his peers (and a really awesome math teacher - props to Ms. Susan Simmons). He is now a grade ahead and is navigating H.S. math like a champ (I get to help again occasionally). Not saying this isn't achievable at home, but wow, that energy and, dare I say,.. spirit can work magic sometimes, a lot of times.

The spirit is the exchange from one student to another, even without the mascot, pep rallies or other antics. Now, is it important?

Peer pressure is, in a lot of ways, school spirit, too. If cultivated in a loving environment, it:

  • Creates a sense of belonging and support.

  • Develops the coping skills necessary for adulthood.

  • Promotes academic engagement.

  • If properly harnessed, peer pressure can inspire students to be more focused and determined individuals.

Austin Rising School group of teenagers having fun after graduation to high school.
Austin Rising School group of teenagers having fun

Find and put more energy into your student's school spirit today and every day. If you want help, visit our website and check out our school for homeschoolers. It's got the school spirit!

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